We worked with Alicia on our home mortgage. My wife and I would highly recommend her. She was incredibly helpful in presenting us our initial options, and since we needed our condo to sell to have funds for closing on the house we were purchasing, she gave us some good plan B options in case the condo didn’t sell.
Why we liked working with Alicia:
-Very quick to reply to emails and phone calls
-Has an assistant/colleague, Jennifer, that is a rock star, and also helped us get through the process very easily. She was good about reminding us what documentation we needed to send them for the loan
-Great attitude and very helpful
-Actually came to our closing and helped push through a couple of last minute issues we had to ensure we didn’t have to wait long to get our home
Alicia was both a recommendation from a friend of ours and our real estate agent. We would recommend her to anyone.
– Allen C.

Alicia Kirby and the entire team at Fairway Mortgage did an incredible job in securing and processing my loan to refinance my house. Alicia took so much time and attention with every step of the process. There was no detail left undone and no detail too small. Making any large financial commitment can be very daunting and stressful. Alicia made the entire process so easy with her upbeat, friendly, positive attitude. I just can’t say enough positive things about Alicia and the entire team at Fairway Mortgage! They all earned my utmost respect with their strong work ethic in getting the job done as quickly as possible and the professionalism that each and every one of them brought to the table. I would give everyone on the Fairway Mortgage team a resounding A+ and would strongly recommend them to anyone who is seeking a mortgage loan or funds to refinance their home. Thanks to each and every one! I would have been lost without you!!
– Susan C.

My wife and I recently bought a home in Littleton, Colorado, and Alicia helped make the process as smooth as possible. She provided excellent service and communication, answering all of our questions and responding to our phone calls and e-mails promptly. She demonstrated knowledge and expertise as she walked us through the lending process. Alicia is amazing at what she does, and I would recommend her to others looking to refinance or take out a loan for a new home. Thank you, Alicia!
– Greg S.

Alicia Kirby and her team at fairway we’re amazing to work with! They were very professional; Alicia was always available by phone all hours of the day to answer my questions. Her team was always on top of everything and I never felt pressured by them. They made the process of selling and buying a home very smooth for us. Alicia even came to our closing just to be with us when it’s wasn’t required of her. If you’re looking for a professional lender who makes you feel like a friend and works hard, she’s your gal. Consider Alicia and her team at Fairway and you’ll be happy.
– Angelita O.

I would highly recommend Alicia and her team if you’re in need of a home loan. Alicia was great to work with. Her professionalism, trust, and knowledge about the industry are invaluable. She made the entire process from pre-approval to loan commitment painless!
– Sarah B.

We refinanced our primary home using Alicia Kirby in March/April 2014, and it was the easiest and quickest refinance I have ever been through. Alicia and her team make it SO EASY! Alicia is always on top of what is going on, and keeps you well informed of where you are in the process, what is still needed from you, and exactly what you can expect. She and her title team are even super flexible about where they can meet for the closing. Right smack in the middle of our refinance process, I had a trade show I had to be at. Rather than just postponing the closing, Alicia actually came to my showroom to get the signatures and information that was needed to finish up the process. Her customer service is out of this world. I wish she could teach a course in customer service, as I would have all of my employees attend. Her attitude and professionalism are exemplary. Highly recommended.
– Kelly P.

Alicia Kirby helped us with a refinance and she was wonderful to work with. Not only was she responsive and timely, she was extremely knowledgable. Her pleasant attitude and clear explanation made this confusing subject a smooth process and stress free! Thank you Alicia!
– Erin W.

I will always use Alicia’s services. I was connected with Alicia in April of 2006 when I needed to refinance my home. I used her services again when I purchased a new home in 2008. I recommend all my friends to her because she is:
LISTENS (This trait is huge for me)
If you are looking for a mortgage person, Alicia Kirby is the person to call. You will be very happy you did.
– Jolanne T.

Working with Alicia when I purchased my home was like working with a family member.
She really cares and works with you. I was able to go through the process of filling out the paper work, gathering the supporting documents and getting my home loan funded in a month. The best part is she is in Colorado and I am in California. Technology is great.
I would work with her again.
– Lisa C.

Alicia Kirby was the mortgage loan officer for us when we purchased a house in the Denver area in the spring of 2013. Alicia was very professional, competent, courteous, prompt in her dealings with us, answered our multiple sets of questions clearly and promptly, and was easy to work with. When we closed on the house, the lady from the title company singled her out by complementing her on how efficiently and promptly the paperwork was managed.
– Jim G.